Your step towards the right mattresses

Which mattress is right for you? How long will it last? And which network do you choose? These are the ‘classic’ thoughts that assail us at the time of purchase. You will try to solve here, with the advice of a professional, some of the most frequent doubts on the subject.

First of all, that the model you are evaluating for your bed is provided with a guarantee and endowed with the Quality Mark of the Consortium of Manufacturers of Quality Mattresses. The idea is to lie on it for at least ten minutes, in a supine and relaxed position, so that you can verify that between our lumbar area and the mattress there is enough space to pass a hand (it should pass with difficulty, otherwise it means that the mattress istoo hard).

Best mattresses for side sleepers usually isthe best network for latex mattresses are that of adjustable slats in the lumbar region, with thin slats. While the most suitable for memory models is with wide fixed slats, or with narrow slats. The spring mattress, on the other hand, ‘works’ best on a wooden or one-piece slatted base.

Finally, you must try to roll from one side to the other (if you cannot easily, it means that the mattress is too soft). It is always advisable to test at least 3-4 different models of mattresses, staying on each for about 10 minutes in the position where you usually sleep. In this way, you can verify that the comfort that is offered to us is really the most suitable for our body and our (good) sleep.

Which network is best to choose, depending on the type of mattress?

The best thing would be to rely on the advice of the manufacturer of the mattress itself that, if it does not produce it in the first person, usually suggests the most suitable model to favor the correct use of the ‘bed system’ and guarantee its maximum durability.

In general, what is the best mattress for a growing teenager?

For a side sleeper, it is always suggested to focus on medium-hard mattresses, which protect the back from non-orthopedic positions. On the other hand, mattresses called ‘with differentiated lift’, which are designed for an adult body, should be avoided.