What does the mattress cover comprise of?

If you remove your bed sheet and have a look on the mattress barely, you won’t be able to see anything inside the mattress cover. The outside layer which is visible to you is known as ticking. Ticking is the composition of polyester, wool, vinyl, cotton polyester mix and silk. The outermost layer of vinyl has the feature of water resistant which can even get hot and is likely to get sagged or stretched.

In most of the quotations, it is been heard that the silk mattress is a mattress which has the cooler cover and is completely water resistant. Though neither seems to have relevance. But the silk mattress cover gives a nice and classy look on the bed. Talking about wool fibres, it is said that have consistency in firmness level and are likely to get stretched through the similar features could be making the cover of a mattress one of a classy piece. They are a thick layer of fibres which make it a comfortable mattress. The wool fibres have a deep firmness level which supplements the level of firmness in the layers below the cover, though along with that restricts the body to sink in deeply, ultimately leading to a rise in the heat level which shows presence from being surrounded by the substance of the cover. The cotton or polyester cotton mixes usually comprise of two categories: stretchable or elongated and non-stretchable. The breathable feature depends on the cotton fibres present in the cover of the mattress. The more the cotton fibres in the outermost layers of the mattress, the more breathable cover is. In addition, velour, jersey, and terry cotton covers are having the most stretchable feature making it the best mattress for comfort.

Nowadays, manufacturers introduce the stretching power in the covers which advances the feature of comfort in the mattress. Due to high demand for comfortable mattresses, it is a good technique to satisfy customers in the market. Some conforming foam is used at the top layer of the mattress to raise the level of comfort. Choosethe best according to your needs.